Pulling out of Jasper Station


Well, Jasper Station closed tonight. My eyes became a little moist, I smiled a lot, and I just felt this wonderful gratitude for being able to have been in this production. It’s definitely the most exciting show I’ve been in yet. I loved the music, the character, the dancing. I loved working with everyone on the team. Everyone was so friendly, easy to get along with, and straightforward. I can’t think of a conflict during the entire three-month process.

And that’s what it was: three months. Jasper Station was a great show, but it was also a great summer for me. I no longer had Friday nights free, but I didn’t care. The president of the theatre thanked us tonight for making the extra sacrifice of giving up our summer to do a show, but I don’t look at it that way. I can’t think of a better way to spend a summer than at the theatre. There was a kind of all-encompassing joy that seeped into the rest of my life, as I knew that I had rehearsal to go to more often than not, and even if I didn’t, I had my music and lines to practice at home. It was like this big sunny glow over my summer, completely outshining the fact that my job was pretty dry and I wasn’t having much luck recovering from a repetitive strain problem in my arms from typing.

What absolute luck that at the very moment that I wanted to be in a musical, there just happened to be one going on around the corner, with a part that suited me and very few other men auditioning.

Tonight went well. The thought in my head, “this is the last time that I’m going to get to do this” just pushed me to get the lines right and perform well. It was like a force that I didn’t even have to turn on – the extra push just happened because of the knowledge that this was the last time.

The audience gave us our first real standing ovation. They stood up without any doubt in their legs. They were just a rip roaring audience throughout the whole show. It’s a comedy and they laughed heartily throughout – so energizing. They clapped along during the one song where we want them to clap – and where they had rarely clapped on previous nights. It was such a lovely blessing for our closing night: a really great performance, a really great audience.

There’s a magic to some of the song-and-dance numbers in the show – particularly the closing song of Act I, “Get a Ticket Sterling.” Everyone sings, the tune is super catchy, the choreography is just right. The music and choreography fit the storyline perfectly – the other characters trying to give Sterling the emotional boost he needs to buy a ticket for the train, which is really a metaphor for taking a risk to improve his life. Every night, no matter what little mistakes I’d made in the first act, I always looked forward to Get a Ticket Sterling. It’s pretty pure, unabashed fun. Most nights, I got goosebumps. I definitely got them tonight.

I can’t lie – it’ll be nice to have a break now. But eventually, I know that it will have to be on to the next musical, for me.

Also, as for that negative review, by tonight, it was completely out of my mind.


4 thoughts on “Pulling out of Jasper Station

  1. Will, it was such a pleasure taking this theatrical journey with you and the rest of the JS cast and crew. It just struck me that that both the productions I have worked on this season have involved travel; by ship in Titanic, and by train in Jasper Station. Thanks for giving me many more great memories to add to my “travelogue”.

  2. Thanks for all the nice comments. It was a blast for me as well. Grat cast and crew-no problems or conflicts. All the best in Regina.

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