call me maybe

pop is so underrated. and good writing about pop is almost as great a pleasure as the music itself. My favorite quotes from this article: “With wheeling strings, a simple disco beat, it’s “the sonic equivalent,” wrote the Voice’s Maura Johnston, “of a cartoon character’s eyes turning into big pink hearts.”
“I think I must have a horseshoe,” he says, “inserted in a place we shouldn’t discuss in print.”
And just whole story of the song – it’s fascinating. I hadn’t heard it before I read this article, but it is every bit as addictive as it sounds in print!

also I love how she makes fun of herself in the video.

but then, from this video, she seems a little bit over-serious about it all.

come on Carly, this isn’t a project, this is a pop song. Also, it’s Josh Ramsey who made this success for you, basically.

I’m interested in the life of a songwriter or producer. The brains and power behind the star’s success, and yet – invisible.

…a few minutes later:

oh dear, it gets worse. asked why she thinks the song has resonated so well by Time Entertainment, Carly Rae Jepsen says:

Well, Justin’s video definitely helped. And the message, I hope, is relatable — having a spark with someone, leaving something unsaid, wishing you could have turned around and gone back and been braver. Hopefully it’ll inspire people to play a little Cupid.”

it’s not the message. it’s the hook! it’s the songwriting! why doesn’t Josh Ramsey get to do all these interviews?


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