Phone Calls from Grandpa: 1

My grandfather has dementia. He sometimes calls us (us being my family – my mum and dad, my brother and I, who all live together) and says things that make no sense. It’s sad, but the things he says are sometimes funny, too. I sometimes find myself thinking about them – and wanting to remember all of the best ones. So I thought I would begin a chronicle. Here is number one, from tonight.

Me: Hello

Grandpa: Hi, who’s that?

Me: It’s Will. Hi Grandpa how are you?

Grandpa: Good. Is Grandpa there?

Me: (pause) No, he’s not.

Grandpa: Okay, can you tell him that I fixed the car?
(Note: my grandpa stopped driving several years ago and doesn’t own a car)

Me: Okay.

Grandpa: Yeah tell him I fixed the thing on top of it.

Me: Okay.



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