“i’m single from mississauga”

I’m reprinting a personal ad from Plenty of Fish. I’m on Plenty of Fish, yes.

It is impossible not to share it.

It is both an ad and a poem, and despite the inadvertent humour, it’s actually very touching.

I especially like how “believe” becomes “bealive” — oh the meaning…

Also: “i look for the personality.”  I have to agree though, I look for the personality too.

About Me

i’m single from mississauga

Hello my name is _____
things i like to do are video games hanging out with my friends
swimming skateboarding house partys and i love
trying new things
im a big movie fan i mostly like horror movies
scream halloween and saw are my all time favoirtes
im a big music fan
my favoites are
rock pop and country
my favorite singers are lady gaga
justin beiber and madonna

im a very caring person and kind person for my
family and friends
i will do anything for my family and friends and they always want me to give
them good advice to help them out with there

what i look for in a boyfriend is
loyalty trust honesty and someone who will like me for me
and love me for me and will except me for me
im not looking for getting hurt again
ive been hurt to many times and im getting sick of it

i have alot to give to a person that i
care about
im looking for a bright future
i bealive in marriage and being with that great person forever
im kind honest caring
im funny random at times but its ok
idont care about looks or bodytype at all
i look for the personality
and i will never give up on love


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