For the record…

I slightly misinterpreted a statement from Winnipeg police Staff Sgt. Kelly Dennison in this article.

I originally wrote the following sentence:

“Dennison went on to explain that because the city and province share the cadet program’s costs, the police force has to deploy them in the location the city and province agreed on: the downtown.”

The Free Press has changed the sentence in the web version to read:

“Dennison went on to explain that because the city and province share the cadet program’s costs, the police force only has the authority to deploy them in certain places.”

Dennison has since told me the police do not have to ask permission from government when they decide where they allocate resources, which is a fair point.

This is kind of beating a dead horse now, but since I just noticed people discussed this point on twitter a fair bit after my article was published, I wanted to fix that sentence and acknowledge my mistake.

I also understand Dennison might have mispoken, so in a way I’m reluctant to even bring up this point again. But I think it’s important to see Dennison’s statement in its entirety, word for word, so here it is:

“Basically the cadet program is a program that the police service undertook fairly recently in our history. It is basically funded by the government — by the government and by the City of Winnipeg. So it is a partnership-funded program. So when you have a partnership-funded program, you tend to have the authority to have them in certain places only. Right now the City of Winnipeg is going through what is called a downtown safety plan. I’m sorry to tell you that the area you live in does not… — you don’t live in the downtown safety plan.
“The cadet program is designated basically to that program at this point. With this last major investigation that we’ve just had, it was through conversations with city councillors and the chief of police that enabled us to get the cadets into Osborne Village to deal with the rash of arsons so it basically has to be something specific.
“I can tell you that inspector Fogg and myself have been pushing very, very hard not only the City of Winnipeg but the executive of the police service to include Osborne Village specifically in the downtown safety plan.”

4 thoughts on “For the record…

  1. Oh, you misunderstood, I meant beyond your edit. Is there a note at the conclusion of the online story that it was edited, or has any correction or amendment been published in the daily? Thanks.

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